This comprehensive guide is packed with everything you need to know to start generating passive income streams that will bring in money while you focus on things that matter to you, like spending more time with your family. Whether you're brand new to digital products or you're looking to take your existing income to the next level, this guide has everything you need to get started including:

Passive Income Blueprint

start here...

What if you could create and sell a $20 digital "how to" guide, ebook, calendar, or printable and start making passive income?

How to pick what product to sell and how to pick a topic

How to create and write your product 

Best place to sell your product

How to sell without feeling slimey or having to share your life all over the internet

You're tired of seeing other people live the lifestyle that you want and you're ready to make it happen for yourself

You're constantly overwhelmed and stressed about how to make more money and provide for your family in a better way

You’re over wake up thinking "I can't keep doing this forever" but you feel stuck because you don't know what else you would do

You feel like you've tried everything to make more money and don't even know if it's possible anymore

You're totally over your 9-5 and want freedom but you're not sure how to make enough money to make it sustainable

You know the hectic life you are living is not great for your family but you have no idea how to slow down and relax  

Does this sound familiar...

The guide is easy to follow, even if you have no prior experience with passive income or digital products you can still learn how to make this work for you. I've structured the guide to take you through each step, from choosing the right digital product to create, creating it, marketing it, and scaling it. Create it once and sell it over and over and over again for passive income.

Beginner friendly

This guide will take you from beginner to expert, providing you with everything you need to start generating passive income streams that can support you for years to come. 

A complete, comprehensive guide to creating a simple digital product using the knowledge you already have so that you can create passive income ASAP

Step By Step guide to start making passive income with a digital product in just 25 days! 

Passive Income
Step By Step
50 pages

Passive Income

your roadmap to a


Selling digital products is exactly how I went from working 40 hours a week at my 9-5 to replacing my salary and working less than 5 hours a week as a stay-at-home mom.

I was over the lifestyle of working all day and not having energy for my family at the end of the day.  I knew that this lifestyle would not allow me to be the type of mother that I desired to be. So I started testing every type of way to make income online until I found creating digital products such as ebooks, pdf guides and online courses using the knowledge I already had. 

What I didn't know was that creating a digital product could be so simple and replace my income! 

Making money online does not need to be overly complicated. Which is why I created this step by step guide for you. 

Let it be simple.

passive income for the busy and burnt out

Let making money be simple

Passive Income

Student  reviews!


“Nothing has helped me make money online like 25 Days To Passive 5k has!"

“I've bought and seen a lot of courses but 25 Days to Passive 5k is absolutely worth every penny. I wake up each morning excited for the days content and set aside time daily to work on it. I really love it!"


- Rachel

"I bought a course that was over $5,000 and it was not near as helpful as this $97 guide"

- Kimmy

I have bought so many other courses for digital selling in the past two years and tried and failed with everything. I'm on day 9 of 25 Days To Passive 5k and have learned SO much more than anything else I've invested in and in such a short amount of time. This has already turned my business around and I'm only on day 9!!"

I figured out exactly how to create a profitable digital product and an irresistible offer to sell over and over and over again on autopilot. And I put it all in an info packed 25 day guide for you. I even included insider tips to help you maximize your earnings and avoid common pitfalls.

You can finally stop stressing over money and have a proven plan that over 1,000+ of my students have used. 

You can do this too

25 days of detailed instructions on exactly what to do day by day to create, sell, and market your digital product to make passive money online

THIS IS NOT some fluffy course

The exact marketing system that I have taught my clients to get results for years! Now use it on your digital product! No more guessing. 


Step by step process of how to pick your topic and decide what to talk about in your digital product so that it will be profitable!

The secrets to creating a digital product that everybody wants and your customers will gladly purchase and pay you for! Become wildly popular and make money with ease!

This is a day-by-day strategy of exactly how to set up passive income online with a digital product that you created about a topic you are passionate about sharing.
Day by day you can take the next step to create, sell, and market a digital product successfully. Even if you're not tech savy!

What's included?

Digital product creation instructions ($97 value)
The exact marketing plan ($1,500 value)
My proven TikTok growth guide ($325 value)
Instagram Plan ($325)
Pinterest Plan ($325)
Email Marketing Guide ($325)
Niche Clarification ($325) 
How and where to sell your ebook  ($250 value)
Ebook writing process and coaching ($450)
Tech Set Up steps ($75)

Typical cost ($3,861)

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“I created my digital product and immediately started getting sales. If you have any doubts about getting the guide, just do it! You won't regret your decision. Niki is a wealth of knowledge and really helps hone your skill set to make passive income accessible"

Student Reviews

"Four days into the course I gained 1000 email subscribers, launched my first product, and made $2,300 in my first 24 hours. I can't thank Niki enough for kicking my ass into doing this and providing the valuable process! P.S. I went on to make 5k in my first 5 days. Thank you!!"




“I couldn't be more excited for Niki's guide. The content is so simple to understand, even as someone who struggles with tech. The steps were a quick read and very practical to follow. I feel like she is sitting next to me cheering me on each step of the way. Most definitely worth the investment”

“I'm so glad I discovered 25 Days To Passive 5k. As a stay at home mom I have been searching for something that I can do at home with my kids that does not require a lot of time. This was perfect!”


if you're ready to start generating passive income and achieving financial freedom, this guide is the perfect place to start. Order now and start building the life you've always wanted.

Your struggles end right NOW

50 Page Pinterest guide - FOR THOSE WHO DON'T WANT TO USE TIK TOK/ IG/ OR FB ($200 value)

50 Page Digital Product Launch Guide
 (value $47)

40 Page Comprehensive Launch Planner & Checklist (Value $27)

Tik Tok Strategy Guide
(value $97)

Email Marketing Guide (value $97)

Printable Planner + Tracker (value $38)

Snag These Incredible Bonuses!

bonus tools + guides

Digital Product 

Includes these bonuses to ensure you have EVERYTHING you need to be successful. Whether you love social media or not!

did someone say bonuses?

“I am so grateful for 25 Days To Passive 5k. I was able to creating an incredible guide in a short amount of time. For the first time in a long time, I actually created something I believe in and believe in myself again. With this guide I was able to create something incredibly valuable that I feel confident selling. 

Niki really breaks things down in a way that gives you so many resources and is so specific. She takes all of the guesswork out of creating a profitable product, marketing the product, and actually selling the product.

As someone who has struggled to find a career that works for me and does not ruin my mental health 25 Days To Passive 5k has been incredible. ”


Yes. If you are ready to dedicate a few hours each week to setting up your passive income product and systems this will work for you even as a beginner. And location does not matter! I have several international students who love 25 Days To Passive 5k! 


I've tried every side hustle under the sun trying to escape corporate America. Digital products hands down makes the most money in the least amount of time.

Will This work for me?

 Day one I walk you through the process of deciding what to create. Hint: I help you pick the thing that you love and will make you the most money!

Yes! Day by day I walk you through exactly how to create, set everything up and sell your digital product. This is for people who are ready to create 5k+ in passive income each month. No experience required!

Why digital products?

How do i know what to create or talk about?

i'm a beginner will this work for me?


I included an EXCLUSIVE BONUS (worth over $200) just for you!! I created a complete Pinterest guide on how to drive traffic to your digital product from Pinterest for more passive income!

When I had my first child I was a mess on maternity leave because I knew I did not want to go back to work. I dove into online entrepreneurship and started my quest to find something to replace my 9-5 income so that I could stay at home with my baby. I hated going to work everyday AND feeling stressed about money.

I began my quest to transform my mediocre life. I knew I did not want to settle for an average life of clocking in and barely seeing my baby. I kept trying and growing online businesses only for them to become so time consuming that they took me away from me family even more. 

This went on for almost an entire year of trial and error. Right when I began to think that I was just destined to live a life of mediocrity in a 9-5 job I tried ONE MORE THING. 

I created my first digital product on a whim and shared it to my social media pages and website.

I made 5k my first month. And went on to make 30k a month from digital products. 

Now I'm a globally recognized expert in digital products and have been featured in publications such as Business Insider and News Week. I now share the step by step process so other's can experience the same relief and rest that passive income brings.

Niki Puls

Meet the founder

“Niki is the real deal. She's a midwest mom to a toddler just like me and just gets it. She understands the need to create income while still giving 110% to my family. I craved a different lifestyle - one where I could devote more time and attention to my family and stress less about money. Niki's slow living lifestyle spoke to me and was exactly what I was looking for. She made this lifestyle possible for our family and I'm so grateful"

Student Reviews

Mackenzie - online business owner

This is not for you if...

You dream of freedom and a stress free bank account. If you are ready to create passive income so that you can work less and spend more time doing what you love grab the guide today.

This is for you if...

You dream of climbing the corporate ladder, being addicted to work, and spending your time hustling for money.

Total Value $3,861

Today's Special Offer $97

Tik Tok, Instagram and Email Marketing guides
Help Picking Your niche
Tech Set Up Step By Step Guide

50 Page Launch Planner
25 Days of Step By Step Instructions
Ebook Writing process
Detailed Marketing Plan
Exclusive Pinterest Bonus

For one payment of $97, or two payments of $51 you will immediately gain access to:

let's get you making passive income shall we?

Step By Step guide to start making passive income with a digital product in just 25 days! 

Passive Income
Step By Step
50 pages