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Sales Made Simple

6 months of weekly mentoring 

Learn how to double your sales and experience breakthroughs even in areas where you've felt stuck forever

Fuel your funnel is a mentoring mastermind to give you the mentorship, strategy, and resources to set up your sales funnel... brining in thousands of dollars a day in digital product sales

Funnel on fire

Marketing mastery


You've perfected your offer, nailed your niche, and had an expert look over it! We'll be audited anything that could be causing people not to purchase!

Nail your marketing and message. If you're having problems selling - it's really a messaging issue. Learn how to create content that converts into PAYING CUSTOMERS!

Having someone to ask all your marketing questions and walk you through step by step how to set up social media, email list, and any other tech you need for your offer!


I remember when my goal was to make 5k a month... now my goal is to make 5k a week... or 5k a day.

Adding more people to your funnel = adding more money to your bank account 

What's included:

fuel your funnel mastermind

An exclusive "Fuel Your Funnel" facebook group! Daily coaching inside the group. And you can connect with others daily. It's easier to remember, stay on track, and keep engaged in something when it pops up on FB. The community is so powerful and supportive, it actually redeems being on Facebook. #worthit 

Facebook group


Using my psychology degree I teach you how to SELL. In a way that makes money. Unsure if it's your selling skills or your product that's not selling...
Hint: It's probably you're selling skills. 

Let's fix that and Fuel Your Funnel

sales psychology


Weekly "Hot Seat" coaching zoom calls. Bring your questions to the call and get weekly coaching from Niki and hear feedback from other members!

That means me helping you wherever you need help:
Your messaging and marketing, your sales page, your business strategy, your next offer, your niche, social media, ads, website help, creating content on social media that people love and anything else I’m qualified to talk about, including motherhood balance, passive income, hiring a VA. You got questions? BRING EM! 



I bring in one or two of my rockstar friends (or people who are way too cool to call my friends) to teach you things I've learned from them! Trainings range from how to love sales and never worry about money again, how to turn your website into a conversion machine, how to turn one piece of content into the gift that keeps giving, how to become a superstar storyteller in social media content and more. I'm bringing in the best of the best so you don't have to go out and find them.

Guest expert sessions


"Before I joined the Mastermind I had NOTHING set up. No digital product, no workflow... NOTHING! Now after 3 months I have 3 digital products created, several email sequences, know how to run ads, have grown my TikTok following, and even gained 1:1 clients even though I wasn't promoting it at all!

Plus I went from $0 in digital product sales to $1,000 in the first month I started selling them."

 - Elli 

WHAT They're SAYING...

Examples Include: 
Pinterest organic and pinterest ads training 

TikTok training 

Ig reels training 

Tools like manychats and how to use AI

and more!!

Imagine this...

Making $1,000 a day is a slow day

You have 50,000 followers and an online community that LOVES buying from you 

You are confidently a business owner that makes bank

When you learn the strategies inside this mastermind you'll feel confident you can bring in consistent sales! 


Niki literally held nothing back in the Mastermind, it blew me away! I learned more from the first mastermind call than anything else I've EVER invested in (after years or trying to figure it out on my own). The level of accountability and support was beyond amazing. I KNOW I will succeed in my business because of this Mastermind. 


"Anyone not in the mastermind is missing out and quite honestly wasting time and money! When I signed up for Niki's Mastermind I had no idea what to expect, but Niki blew it out of the water with support. I guarantee no one in the mastermind would be where they are without being in this group. THANK YOU NIKI!" 


“Hands down the best decision I made for my business. Niki Is a mastermind when it comes to sales. I went from getting NO sales  to consistent sales!"

Ok there's more...

Monday - Friday support! Imagine the Facebook group as your "help hotline" where we can troubleshoot anything any day! Not just on the calls!

Access to my personal resource library vault -  all the resources that make me MONEY at your disposal 

A personal social media coach and consultant (ME!) Create money making content! And learn my 5k a day social media formula 

Something to look forward to every week that leaves you filling fueled up and knowing exactly what to do to grow!


OH and don't forget I'm Giving you my secret formula....

For the first time ever I'm also giving away my secret formula that makes my clients 1k, 2k, and 3k PER day using one simple tool.

You'll get this exact marketing strategy inside the mastermind so that you never have to worry about leads or revenue again!

I'll show you exactly how to set up your social media to bring in thousands of leads per day and make thousands of dollars in sales on autopilot. 

No selling, dming, or posting 3-5 times per day required. Set up this secret strategy and let it do the work for you! (I can't give too many details here because you don't want everyone knowing about this strategy 🤫)

"This strategy makes me 3k or more a day and I have several videos with over 5 million views... I'm mad I didn't know about it sooner! It's hands down the best way to get leads and customers into my business." 


Ready to double your sales? 
See those sales notifications every  day?
Have a fail proof sales system?


$825 a month! 🎉

6 months commitment! 
(Limited spots grab one today for the fall group!)