You'll learn exactly what you need to know about creating a digital product such as:

Learn how to start creating income ASAP by simply sharing your own knowledge, life experience, or passions in digital form!

In this 

Create a life you love by selling a digital product ...


Waking up each morning to see notification after notification of sales you've made while you slept. Imagine...No more rushing out the door to your cubicle to work for someone else

With a digital product, you can share your knowledge, creativity, or unique insights AND in return create a reliable stream of income that also gives you freedom over your schedule.

an online course
an ebook
a how to guide
templates, calendars AND MORE

Just Imagine....
I was over the 9-5 life as a mom. There just wasn't enough time in the day. Which is exactly why I started selling my digital products

See what platforms I recommend and what platforms I DO NOT recommend for selling your digital product!

Marketing and Sales:


See ideas of real life digital products my students have created! And take a peek at how much they earn from their products!

Crafting Compelling Digital Products: 


Learn profitable niches! And see example niches that could align with your passions and expertise. 

Your Profitable Product Niche:


here's what you'll learn:

What's inside

Imagine a business running on autopilot in the background while you live your life with an ebook that sells like crazy.

You're too important to your family and have a better calling than sitting behind a desk all day...

Nothing is more frustrating than pouring hours into work that you don't love. You put your hard work, brain power and precious time into something that you don't really love... and you feel guilty not giving that time and attention to your family. 

Your kids deserve to see you and your family deserves the best of you! Not the worn out version of you after working 40-50 hours a week. 

If you're going to put in the work why not see massive return in the form of passive income. 

After having my first child I knew I didn't want to see her for only a few hours after work each night.

So I searched and searched until I found the perfect way to replace my 9-5 income...

Teaching others through digital products. 

I created my first ebook and replaced my income within a few months... and then I went on to make 30k a month.

I'm so glad I took the leap and created my first ebook. Without it I would still be stuck at a lackluster 9-5 job and missing core memories with my kids. 

You deserve better than the mediocre life or working non stop and putting your dreams on the back burner. 

Take the leap with me into passive income and create your first digital product!

xoxo niki

Success favors the bold

Digital Products

"Niki seriously changed the trajectory of my life. She showed me how to create an ebook to sell. Now I sell a few ebooks a day while spending less time working and I didn't even know if that was possible until I worked with Niki. I'm forever grateful for the guidance I got from Niki and all the wisdom she taught me. I recommend Niki 1000x over!!!"