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Inside Funnel Fundamentals you'll get the exact sales process that makes me and my clients thousands of dollars a day.

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Because when you want to make money you have to act like it. Put the proper systems in place!

stop guessing how to build your business and use the system the top earners use!

Social media alone is not a reliable way to make money. Or a sustainable way. What happens when you need to take a break? Or you can't post for a few days? When your sales are dependent on social media it's STRESSFUL. 

Not stressing about social media

More sales

Better results

You no longer have STRESS over posting on social media because it's not your ENTIRE strategy anymore

You no longer have to focus on pushing the purchase... so in result MORE people actually purchase from you because they can sense your stability

You will learn to utilize the most profitable ways to market to your audience and can finally stop playing small and see those 1k, 2k, and 3k days... you absolutely CAN NOT do that without a funnel


"I love the way you teach this. It makes so much more sense and is so strategic" - Jessi

You can not depend on socia media alone to sell your offers ...

Social media does not equal sales.

What does directly equate to sales is how many people enter your sales funnel. Aka the process of someone actively showing interest in your offer and taking steps to purchase

There is NO WAY to gage interest on social media because likes and comments don't equal sales. ANYONE could be liking your posts. But that does not mean they are interested in your offer.

Most times on social media it's your peers, friends, and family liking your posts... not paying customers 

Wish your products would sell themselves? 

They can. 

You just need a funnel. 

The truth is...

Building a funnel is building a sustainable business....

no really....

Turn your offer into an evergreen empire, level up your marketing strategy and see those sales come in while you sleep....

Only with the right systems in place.  

Before Funnel Fundamentals:

The only way to build a sustainable and wildly profitable business is to build a profitable funnel that does the heavy lifting aka selling for you

- loosing sleep over when you're going to make your next sale

- Constantly trying to stay up with the social media trends 

- Posting to your story PRAYING someone will buy your offer   

- Loosing leads left and right 

- Adding hundreds of people to your email list everyday 

- Getting people off of social media and onto your high converting email list

- Making sales while you sleep because your funnel does the work for you 

- Seeing the product you worked so hard on SELL

After Funnel Fundamentals:

Here's why Email lists are the most profitable way to grow your business

I’ve taken my exact funnel that makes me and my clients multi six figures passively, and put it into a comprehensive, template-packed, tech-tutorial-loaded guide that will get you those passive sales you dream of.

Oh and did I mention... you get access to our exclusive community where you can ask your funnel fundamental questions!

Build your first funnel
Step By Step
50 pages

Funnel Fundamentals


I'm Ready!

Every step explained: Beginner Friendly

Build your first or next funnel - even if you're starting from zero 

A fluff-free PDF guide you can read on the go and consumer easily and quickly. No sitting through hours of videos and it's yours to download and keep forever! 

Swipe files and your new go to email formula so you're never stuck on what to write again 

My money making freebie template. Yours to take and design in canva and use as your own freebie!

The exact strategies that fill my funnel with thousands of new subscribers every single week! 

When you purchase funnel fundamentals you'll get:

My exact funnel of what I do after a subscriber is added to my list so that I can turn them into paying customers! Not just social media watchers

Does this sound familiar? 

You’re in the habit of posting, praying, waiting, checking, waiting some more, scrolling, and checking again but there's still little engagement and no sales and definitely not the business growth you want...

Before you invest in another social media coach or course, what if you built the same sales funnel that top earners use. And put that time and energy where it will actually be seen and appreciated? Where people will actually purchase from you. Not just scroll on by!

Last month just one of my sales funnels made me 40k passively. And that's just one...

What students are saying...

You don’t have to be a marketing or tech genius to build your funnel. But it is essential to your sales and business!

Pull it all together and learn the exact steps and systems to send people from your freebie, to your email list, to your paid offers!

Building your funnel


Learn what kind of emails to send and what to say! Learn what kinds of emails can bring you thousands of dollars a week while you go about your life!

What and when to send!


How to send a series of emails automatically after someone signs up for your freebie. And how to craftfully sell your product in this sequence! (Hello sales on autopilot!) 

Automated sequences


Write an opt in page that has people excited and eager to opt in to your list! And know exactly where and how to promote it!

Landing pagers

here's what we'll cover

What's inside

Create your freebie that attracts the right people and build a buyer filled list! 

Create your freebie


Get all the tech set up out of the way! Discover the easiest platform to use as your email service provider and other must have platforms

Email service provider


Build a profitable business now:

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"I now have triple the amount of people in my sales funnel!!" 

I'm Ready!

I'm Ready!


"Niki's strategic approach is such a life saver. Before I was just guessing and had no idea what was working and what was not. It's nice to finally have a process that is strategic and not based on social media!" 


“Within days I was adding 30 people per day to my sales funnel.

Niki knows her stuff!:

Sarha T.

"This has been a game-changer for my business! As a small business owner, I struggled to effectively reach my target audience and convert leads into customers. But your guide provided clear, actionable strategies.  Since implementing your techniques,  I've seen a significant increase in sales and customer retention. Thank you for sharing your expertise and helping me take my marketing to the next level!"

Imagine this...

Adding 800 - 1,000 new leads to your email list everyday  - people actually interested in purchasing

Making thousands of dollars straight from your sales funnel! No Dming back and forth or answering a million questions. 

Your course/ digital product/ offer sells itself because you finally set up a funnel. 

A funnel is not a "nice to have" marketing tool it's a "have to have"

When you download Funnel Fundamentals you will be given the exact strategy I used to skyrocket my business and leave other creators and business owners wondering how I did it. 

This is the missing puzzle piece to growing your business with ease and it's all yours! (Previously these strategy were only available to private 1:1 clients of mine but for the first time ever YOU can learn them too) 

These are the strategies that have turned side hustles into full blown businesses and entrepreneurs into multi six figure and severn figure entrepreneurs 

Download the guide and watch your business grow like you've never seen before. Especially if you've been spending all your time and energy on social media...

My favorite part.... an exclusive community just for you!!!

Information without support is hard to implement! Because sometimes you have questions or need feedback! Then what??

That's why I'm creating an exclusive peer led community for you and all your new business besties! Get support, feedback and encouragement. And me AND my team will be popping in to answer questions and offer feedback!    

This offers you not only the strategies that you need to start seeing those sales roll in but also the support to get there! 

As soon as you join you'll immediately be able to join the community to start learning!

50 Page Pinterest guide  (Value $325)

50 Page TikTok ads guide. (Value $325)

TikTok Strategy Guide
(value $97)

Email Templates (Value $500)

Tech Set Up Library (Value $325)

My freebie canva template (Value $97)

I can't believe I'm including these bonuses ....

bonus tools + guides

Resource & Template

Includes these bonuses to ensure you have EVERYTHING you need to be successful.

Fully equipped! 

Giving away my secret formula....

For the first time ever I'm also giving away my secret formula that makes my clients 1k, 2k, and 3k PER day using one simple tool.

You'll get this exact marketing strategy inside my email marketing guide as a bonus.

I'll show you exactly how to set up your social media to bring in thousands of leads per day and make thousands of dollars in sales on autopilot. 

No selling, dming, or posting 3-5 times per day required. Set up this secret strategy and let it do the work for you! (I can't give too many details here because you don't want everyone knowing about this strategy 🤫)

"This strategy makes me 3k or more a day and I have several videos with over 5 million views... I'm mad I didn't know about it sooner! It's hands down the best way to get leads and customers into my business." 


"Niki seriously changed the trajectory of my business. I was drowning and she helped me see the light! You showed me how to make more money while spending less time online and I didn't even know if that was possible until I worked with Niki. I'm forever grateful for the guidance I got from Niki and all the wisdom she taught me. I recommend Niki 1000x over!!!"



work smarter
not harder

Consider this a blueprint for working smarter, not harder, so that you can create passive income with purpose and get back to what you love!

Let your sales funnels do the hard work for you and let social media be social!

it finally clicked for me that the top earners where relaying on their sales funnel- aka all the backend processes to make millions ... not social media

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maybe you're a little skeptical still...

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