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Imagine being able to create 5 viral TikToks in just 30 minutes each week. You'd have expertly curated templates to use. 

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So you never have to guess how to grow online again.

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Going viral

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You know the formula to go viral and get thousands or MILLIONS a views a week to your page. You finally get visibility to your brand

You now know how creators make a full time income from social media. They have an amazing offer to point people to and people click the link in your bio every single day to your offers or affiliate links

When 5k a week is the norm for brand collabs for you because you know how to make quality content 


Imagine this...

Do you spend hours creating content or trying to even come up with content ideas...

You could have gone viral by now if you just started creating quality content. 

I know because I've worked with thousands of students and see them hit 1million, 2 million, 3million and 5 million views. 

What did they all have in common? 

They consistently created quality content. 

I am an expert TikTok Creator. Let me create your TikToks for you...

Each week I send out 5 TikTok Templates including 

-The link to the exact audio
-The exact text to put on the screen
- What kind of video to record with it

Start today

For two years I've been helping people go viral and get unmatched visibility. 

no really....

Just click the link to the audio I give you, record your short video, copy the captions I give you, plug in specifics to your niche and post.

(I call TikTok a "post and ghost" platform because no engagement is needed!) 

Before TikTok Toolkit

Warning: You will start to get brand deal offers, podcast interviews, passive sales, crazy website traffic, and inquires all from your TikToks

- No idea what to post

- Spending an hour plus creating one TikTok/ Reel

- Scrolling to find trends... only to actually end up scrolling for an hour and still haven't made a TikTok

- Second guessing everything. The text, the caption, the sound...

- All your videos recorded for the week

- You can post and ghost! Because you know you're using the top trends and don't have to research for hours

- Your iphone screen time report has gone wayyyyy down but your bank account number has gone wayyy up

- You consistently go viral and your brand is blowing up!!!

After TikTok Toolkit

Weekly TikToks to create sent straight to you every Monday morning. No more scrolling, guessing, or content that flops.

Stay ahead of the trends... no more being "behind the times" on trends or on starting and growing your TikTok!

Separate hooks and scripts included for product based businesses and service based accounts!

If you're not utilizing TikTok the right way you're missing out on thousands of dollars! Jump on it ASAP!

Weekly TikTok Trends + Toolkit

tiktok toolkit


I'm Ready!

Learn from the best...

You can start from zero!! A fresh start. Go all in. And watch it change your life.

For over two years I have helped people start from zero and build a massive online community on TikTok

I've helped brands go from $0 to 100k months from following my simple content strategy

I've helped influencers go from 0 to 20k followers in a few weeks and land their first paid partnership

I've helped comedians build their TikTok following and be able to tour

I've helped creators sell their courses on autopilot simply by creating better content

I've helped authors build their online community of raving fans who snatch up anything they publish 

And I've helped moms build their own source of income right from TikTok 

The key to making money IS MAKING TIKTOKS. 

Now I'm putting the secret methodology to creating viral TikToks into a downloadable guide for you to use as your roadmap to success.  AND sending you weekly TikToks to create. Consider me your personal TikTok mentor!

Discover how brands & influencers are seeing life changing results on TikTok in 2023. (And why TikTok is the best platform to use to grow your online business right now)

Using my secret TikTok methodology you can attract a massive following, get millions of views for your personal brand or business and make sales or land brand collabs!

Tiktok explained: Beginner Friendly

Build your TikTok following- even if you're starting from zero 

5 Tiktoks audios to use (we also link the instagram audio) and 3-5 hooks to pick from for your video!  Sent straight to you every Monday morning.

Instant access to my viral TikTok strategy explained and broken down for you to implement

A TikTok guide teaching you all things TikTok and content creation AND how to monetize 

BONUS:  A TikTok Ads guide for brands ready to go big! 

When you purchase the tiktok toolkit you'll get:

My specific TikTok video formula that makes me 5k in sales. If you post one of these per day you'll have more sales than you know what to do with 

BONUS:  Access to previous weeks of TikTok Templates as soon as you sign up!

The TikTok toolkit is a monthly online membership that's about to take your content creation to new levels, all while making your life a whole lot easier.

How many hours do you spend a week stressing over what to create, how to create it, where to get sales, or how to get started... 

Now picture this: you're hustling through your jam-packed weekend, juggling a million tasks, then Monday comes and you know you need to work on online growth... and suddenly, *ping* – your inbox lights up with your weekly TikTok Toolkit. In just a few minutes each week, you'll have five viral TikToks to use right at your fingertips.

Say goodbye to the days of endless scrolling, trying to come up with engaging content. We've got you covered!

Why waste precious time hunting for inspiration or staring blankly at your phone? With The TikTok Toolkit you'll have an endless supply of creative ideas that'll make your content stop the scroll. It's like having a personal team of content creation geniuses by your side, ready to spark your imagination and bring your brand to life!

After six months on Tik Tok I replaced my full time income, have been featured in 10+ online articles, and exploded my business. Now my TikTok platform brings in over 20k a month." - Jill

What students are saying...

You don’t have to be an "influencer" or "guru" to get views on TikTok. You just need to implement a simple content creation strategy which you will get inside your TikTok Toolkit.

Imagine this...

Gaining hundreds of new followers a day and thousands a month

Having a purpose online. Sharing with an audience that loves to hear (and buy) from you

Knowing the secret to going viral and doing it over and over and over again. 

Ready to grow your Tik Tok?

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Corporate girly to stay at home mom

TikTok is exactly how I went from working 40 hours a week at my 9-5 to making my old annual salary in one month as a stay at home mom.

I was over the lifestyle of working all day and not having energy for my family at the end of the day. I knew that being burnt out all the time is not the kind of mom I wanted to be for my kids.

So one night I started my TikTok account. And I cracked the code to going viral and within a few months I had 100,000 followers. 

I then learned to monetize it and became a stay at home mom. Which had been my dream since the day my daughter was born.

Making money online does not need to be overly complicated. Which is why I created TikTok Toolkit for you. Learn to grow andmonetize your TikTok account.

work smarter not harder. 

Slow living ceo style

TikTok has landed me and my students life changing opportunities. 

Focus on growing your TikTok and your life will never be the same. You'll have more opportunities than you know what to do with. 

I've seen my students go from 200 to 20,000 followers overnight. I've seen them sell out their programs, I've seen them add hundreds of people to their email list per day. AND I've seen them land four figure brand deals. 

There are life changing opportunities on TikTok 

Start creating consistent viral content with The TikTok Toolkit

"Niki seriously changed the trajectory of my business. I was drowning and she helped me see the light! You showed me how to make more money while spending less time online and I didn't even know if that was possible until I learned TikTok strategies from Niki. I'm forever grateful for the guidance I got from Niki and all the tools she gave me. I recommend learning from Niki 1000x over!!!"



Here's some FAQ'S

maybe you're a little skeptical still...

Q: What if I'm new to Tiktok? 

Q: I'm just starting do i need this?

Q: I don’t have a business or product quite yet, so why should I join now? How will this help me? 


SOON: $47

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