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Welcome to Slow Living Simplified - your resource to making money online so that you can escape the hustle and live a life you love.   

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Corporate Drop Out & Your Passive Income Mentor 

I'm a wife, mom, mentor and huge believer in passive income and a slow living lifestyle. I became a hustle culture drop after I had my daughter and realized I didn't want to spend my life stuck behind a computer.

After spending years in corporate America as a working mom, I was overwhelmed, exhausted and burnt out. I dreamed of staying home with my babies and making more memories while somehow still making more money.

I finally found a way to support my dreams and my family while creating passive income from home.


25 days to passive 5k

A step by step guide teaching you the exact process to start making $5,000 a month online in passive income. This is exactly how I started making passive income, left my job and scaled to a multiple six figure business. 

You're ready to make money online and ditch the rat race

You feel exhausted and depleted trying to figure out how to make more money

You want to build a life and business that feels good

You're constantly overwhelmed and stressed trying to figure out how to make more money


- Stacy

"I've invested in a lot of mentors and a lot of courses and Niki's is by far the best. She makes it so easy and doable. I've been in business for years but am finally making the passive income I desire!"

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Niki really breaks things down in a way that makes it so easy and she gives you so many resources. She takes all of the guesswork out of creating a passive income, marketing, and actually selling in a way that works!


- Lu Lu

I was burnt out and Niki saved me. She helped me package my expertise into passive income so that I scale back on my working hours. The tools and templates Niki provides makes the whole process so easy.

client love

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